“Living With Plan B” is the personal blog of Aileen Derieg in Linz, Austria.

It was originally set up on Blogger in January 2006 to stay in touch with family and friends around the world. After Blogger was acquired by Google, it was migrated to WordPress on our private server at home in 2009. Since maintaining our private server was no longer viable after Peter’s death, the WordPress installation was moved to, an independent ISP in Linz with a strong emphasis on Free Software and privacy issues. “Living With Plan B” has been hosted by since April 2013.

Over the years, comments have been left not only by family and friends, but also by sympathetic strangers who happened to come across this blog. Personal information associated with comments before 2009 was not migrated with the switch to WordPress and has long since been lost. Comments since 2009 are associated with the name, email address, and IP address of the person commenting, unless they chose to comment anonymously. Upon request, this personal information can and will be deleted immediately.

Relevant comments are always welcome, whether you choose to comment anonymously or to accept cookies to tell me who you are.