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Handover Celebration, 22 June 2018

Diese Galerie enthält 7 Fotos.


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La Ultima

Yesterday Christopher flew to New York with Peter’s last instrument. Everything went smoothly, and both Christopher and the instrument arrived without mishap or complications. The instrument is now in good hands, and it will be played, heard, appreciated as it … Weiterlesen

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It’s time

It’s time. In the midst of an unrelated exchange recently, I suddenly and quietly said to a friend, “I’m going to give up the Workshop now.” He stopped, looked into my face and asked, equally quietly, “Does it hurt?” When … Weiterlesen

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Good Enough

“Hi, you’re on the guest list!” What a wonderful greeting to hear as soon as I walked through the door last night. Although it sounds trivial, it actually mattered very much to me. There is nothing better than hip hop … Weiterlesen

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Bank managers and chaos-tamers

If you had to carry out a series of complex financial transactions, who would you rather work with, a sympathetic, helpful young woman with no inhibitions about making phone calls in the middle of a meeting to gather information about … Weiterlesen

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Crossing Europe without Peter

Another first time: the Crossing Europe Film Festival ended yesterday, the first Crossing Europe ever without Peter. Although the involvement of our entire household last year became a bit intense in the end, Peter and I had worked for Crossing … Weiterlesen

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A Widow’s Tasks

Peter and I lived together for twenty-five years, more than half of his short life. Within that space of time, together we built networks, fascinating networks of computers, strong networks of friends, two internationally successful businesses and an important and … Weiterlesen

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To be continued …

When I accidentally knocked this blog offline trying to update it and then wasn’t able to fix it for over a month, I was beginning to think it might be a sign that it’s time to give it up. The … Weiterlesen

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Family Crossing Europe

The Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz ended yesterday, and looking at my work calendar (and my bank account), there are other things I should be doing right now, but somehow I don’t feel quite ready to rejoin the rest of … Weiterlesen

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