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Did everyone hear a loud squeak last Wednesday?That was the sound of Christopher passing French this year. Yes – deep breath – he passed. Not exactly with flying colors and certainly not without a tremendous supportive effort on the part … Weiterlesen

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Last Week

Just a day and a week ago at about this time, Peter and I were eating sandwiches in Central Park in New York on a lovely spring day. It was a short visit to New York, but it felt like … Weiterlesen

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Representative Christopher

Christopher has packed. Allegedly. Tomorrow morning he is taking a train to Potsdam to take part in the European Youth Parlament, where he is apparently going to be wearing a suit (from Opa) and tie (from Grandpa) all week, as … Weiterlesen

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Busy days ahead

After going through the calendar with the boys the other day and marking fixed dates on both the online calendar and the one hanging on the wall in the hall, and we now have some impressively large blocks coming up. … Weiterlesen

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