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La Ultima

Yesterday Christopher flew to New York with Peter’s last instrument. Everything went smoothly, and both Christopher and the instrument arrived without mishap or complications. The instrument is now in good hands, and it will be played, heard, appreciated as it … Weiterlesen

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Time passing, children growing

At a wonderful party out by the harbor in August, I was very pleased to run into Peter’s youngest godchild, who was there with his parents, having just returned from their summer holidays. I was quite startled, however, to see … Weiterlesen

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Peter’s Book

In the middle of November, in the midst of sadness and pressure, I just stopped for a few hours to look through the beautiful book again that Kris and Becky started putting together three years ago – just reading through … Weiterlesen

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Someday, in some distant future, I like to think that a time may come, when November won’t hurt. It seems hard to imagine that now, but it’s what I like to tell myself. Returning to Linz the day before the … Weiterlesen

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Remembering Peter

As arbitrary and artificial as conventional measures of time are, we have passed through a full cycle now, all four seasons, all the recurrent annual events and anniversaries, all the things that can happen within the space that we count … Weiterlesen

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Bank managers and chaos-tamers

If you had to carry out a series of complex financial transactions, who would you rather work with, a sympathetic, helpful young woman with no inhibitions about making phone calls in the middle of a meeting to gather information about … Weiterlesen

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Fall in love, celebrate marriages

“What Peter really wanted to see was the world arranged in happy couples. In remembrance of him, please fall in love, celebrate marriages, birthdays and all possible parties and events, bring little people into the world, laugh with them, play … Weiterlesen

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Crossing Europe without Peter

Another first time: the Crossing Europe Film Festival ended yesterday, the first Crossing Europe ever without Peter. Although the involvement of our entire household last year became a bit intense in the end, Peter and I had worked for Crossing … Weiterlesen

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Missing Peter

Where are you, my love? Whatever has captured your attention elsewhere, it is time to stop and come home and focus now, before things get completely out of hand. Recently I dreamed that Paddy managed to find his father and … Weiterlesen

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Christmas with the living and the dead

Ever since the boys were little, but just old enough to enjoy getting ready for Christmas, my grandmother, Bean, has always had a strong presence at Christmas. Sometimes it almost feels as though we keep her in boxes in the … Weiterlesen

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