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Purple Normal

In February I had the great privilege of being able to spend two weeks in Michigan to help welcome my sister’s second grandchild and spend time with her first grandchild, who is now – delightfully, inimitably – two years old. … Weiterlesen

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Trying to paint a ceiling with a broken elbow

  Another first time: on Sunday morning I took myself to the emergency room at the hospital all by my lonesome. If there were tears in my eyes, it was because of the pain, not because there was a young … Weiterlesen

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Thinking about changing spaces again

  A clear sign that a building is alive and lived in, I believe, is when the spaces keep changing. All the time the boys were growing up, our flat was always changing to accommodate their needs and ours – … Weiterlesen

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Establishing new traditions

When something happens for the third time, does that make it a tradition? I don’t even know now how it happened, but when Peter died two years ago, the house immediately started filling up with people – so many dear … Weiterlesen

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Christmas with the living and the dead

Ever since the boys were little, but just old enough to enjoy getting ready for Christmas, my grandmother, Bean, has always had a strong presence at Christmas. Sometimes it almost feels as though we keep her in boxes in the … Weiterlesen

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Changing Spaces – Reprise

By chance, on the day that Paddy was to drive our car to Vienna to move his things into his new flat in Vienna, we were woken very early by the postman, who delivered a very large box addressed to … Weiterlesen

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To be continued …

When I accidentally knocked this blog offline trying to update it and then wasn’t able to fix it for over a month, I was beginning to think it might be a sign that it’s time to give it up. The … Weiterlesen

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This will still take some practice

More and more, I like to imagine that Peter and I could someday be good grandparents together, but we still need some practice with other people’s children first. And we are very fortunate that there are wonderful people in our … Weiterlesen

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Temporarily tidy shelves

The saying „nature abhors a vacuum“ is sometimes reassuring, even if I’m not entirely sure I believe it, in explaining some of our ongoing household conflicts to me. I try to remind myself of it whenever I get frustrated because … Weiterlesen

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Keeping track

About once a year an advertising company sends me either a nice pen or a nice paper calendar with my name and address printed on them, offering a special price for large orders of these samples to give away to … Weiterlesen

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