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Some days are like that

Some days are like that. Some weeks even, and in this case maybe even the whole month. Maybe it was the extra day that threw everything off. In any case, I have the feeling now that I’m not quite sure … Weiterlesen

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Christopher is unfit for military service. This obviously does not come as a surprise to anyone. Of course, there are many reasons why Christopher and military service could not possibly fit together, but now it is official. Like all 17-year-old … Weiterlesen

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And they’re off …

Ready to go Originally uploaded by aderieg (More pictures here) Over the past few days I have had some serious doubts about this trip, but they are on their way now. At 5:10 this morning Paddy, Christopher, Sascha, Alex and … Weiterlesen

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Seth and Paddy bake a cake

Seth and Paddy bake a cake Originally uploaded by aderieg For some mysterious reason, Paddy and Seth decided to bake a cake today. There has been a lot of talk about cakes recently, because in the play „The Last Days … Weiterlesen

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Enough Food for the Last Days of Humanity

This morning I had to rush to get to the shops in time before they closed at noon, but I just made it. At the butcher’s shop, when the woman started packing everything up for me, I had the feeling … Weiterlesen

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Did everyone hear a loud squeak last Wednesday?That was the sound of Christopher passing French this year. Yes – deep breath – he passed. Not exactly with flying colors and certainly not without a tremendous supportive effort on the part … Weiterlesen

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Tonight „Mozart“ and „Salieri“ are rehearsing their lines in the living room, which they plan to continue doing until they have to go to school for an extra rehearsal in the morning, and Paddy’s friend Vedad is supervising. I think … Weiterlesen

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