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Handover Celebration, 22 June 2018

Diese Galerie enthält 7 Fotos.


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Time passing, children growing

At a wonderful party out by the harbor in August, I was very pleased to run into Peter’s youngest godchild, who was there with his parents, having just returned from their summer holidays. I was quite startled, however, to see … Weiterlesen

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Good Enough

“Hi, you’re on the guest list!” What a wonderful greeting to hear as soon as I walked through the door last night. Although it sounds trivial, it actually mattered very much to me. There is nothing better than hip hop … Weiterlesen

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Trying to paint a ceiling with a broken elbow

  Another first time: on Sunday morning I took myself to the emergency room at the hospital all by my lonesome. If there were tears in my eyes, it was because of the pain, not because there was a young … Weiterlesen

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Establishing new traditions

When something happens for the third time, does that make it a tradition? I don’t even know now how it happened, but when Peter died two years ago, the house immediately started filling up with people – so many dear … Weiterlesen

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Bank managers and chaos-tamers

If you had to carry out a series of complex financial transactions, who would you rather work with, a sympathetic, helpful young woman with no inhibitions about making phone calls in the middle of a meeting to gather information about … Weiterlesen

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Fall in love, celebrate marriages

“What Peter really wanted to see was the world arranged in happy couples. In remembrance of him, please fall in love, celebrate marriages, birthdays and all possible parties and events, bring little people into the world, laugh with them, play … Weiterlesen

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Lilacs out of the Dead Ground

In his wonderful book about translation, Quasi dasselbe mit anderen Worten, Umberto Eco discusses the problem of translating allusions with an example from one of his own books, where he quotes “In the room the women come and go, talking … Weiterlesen

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This will still take some practice

More and more, I like to imagine that Peter and I could someday be good grandparents together, but we still need some practice with other people’s children first. And we are very fortunate that there are wonderful people in our … Weiterlesen

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Pictures at an Exhibition

pic00044.jpg Originally uploaded by aderieg The beginning of the end of school started Thursday evening with the opening of an exhibition. Christopher, Paddy, Ernest (who belongs to our extended household) and five girls that I unfortunately don’t know very well, … Weiterlesen

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