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Christmas now

It seems I have now reached that stage in life, where having both my sons here at the same time has become such a rare and important event that it supersedes all other claims to my attention. “Home for Christmas”: … Weiterlesen

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I hate it when my role models die. When I heard the news that Herlinde Pissarek-Huddelist died, I packed up my children, took them to the playground, and then completely ignored them as I sat on a bench on the … Weiterlesen

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La Ultima

Yesterday Christopher flew to New York with Peter’s last instrument. Everything went smoothly, and both Christopher and the instrument arrived without mishap or complications. The instrument is now in good hands, and it will be played, heard, appreciated as it … Weiterlesen

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Time passing, children growing

At a wonderful party out by the harbor in August, I was very pleased to run into Peter’s youngest godchild, who was there with his parents, having just returned from their summer holidays. I was quite startled, however, to see … Weiterlesen

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Purple Normal

In February I had the great privilege of being able to spend two weeks in Michigan to help welcome my sister’s second grandchild and spend time with her first grandchild, who is now – delightfully, inimitably – two years old. … Weiterlesen

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It’s time

It’s time. In the midst of an unrelated exchange recently, I suddenly and quietly said to a friend, “I’m going to give up the Workshop now.” He stopped, looked into my face and asked, equally quietly, “Does it hurt?” When … Weiterlesen

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Another learning experience

“Oh God, please, not another learning experience!” That sentiment circulates so often around the Internet in various contexts, and it usually makes me smile when I see it, but trite as it is, obviously there is also some truth to … Weiterlesen

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The Callousness of Commercial Holiday Marketing

On my way home from my father’s funeral so many years ago, I was stuck at Chicago Airport for what felt like an eternity. For hours I kept walking and walking in circles, outside for a cigarette, back inside, around … Weiterlesen

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Good Enough

“Hi, you’re on the guest list!” What a wonderful greeting to hear as soon as I walked through the door last night. Although it sounds trivial, it actually mattered very much to me. There is nothing better than hip hop … Weiterlesen

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Peter’s Book

In the middle of November, in the midst of sadness and pressure, I just stopped for a few hours to look through the beautiful book again that Kris and Becky started putting together three years ago – just reading through … Weiterlesen

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