Tonight „Mozart“ and „Salieri“ are rehearsing their lines in the living room, which they plan to continue doing until they have to go to school for an extra rehearsal in the morning, and Paddy’s friend Vedad is supervising. I think Vedad is probably the most patient human being I have ever met.
In the meantime, I’m hiding in the computer room, and since I just switched to the new blog software this evening (not that I had a choice, not that I’m particularly happy about it), this seems like a good time to check that it is working, so …

Speaking of changes: here are two pictures taken about ten years apart. Notice the differences?

Only in the quality, right?

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2 Kommentare zu Changes

  1. Selbstlaut sagt:

    Like nothing has changed right mom?

  2. paddy sagt:

    The quality has decreased alarmingly. But I guess back then your hands weren’t as shaky and cold as they are now. HaHA!

    Just kidding. How cool to see something like that. You should take a picture of me in that room everyday and cut it together to make an award-winning film.


    Wait a minute… there’s little to no cynical or sarcastic tendencies in this post whatsoever. And what’s that? A COMPLIMENT?!?! -_-‚ I must be tired.

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