Meanwhile, Patrick …

While Christopher is busy being a flake and keeping us more or less in
a permanent state of alarm, Patrick is doing his best to make up for
it by being a model child. He has become quite diligent about keeping
up with school work, even though he is not particularly interested in
certain subjects.
Although it is not yet evident on his own website, he has been doing a
lot on the computer. He had an idea for a game modification that was
so well received that he has a whole team of talented people working
with him on it. It is a horrible, violent game that we would not even
let him see, if we were more responsible parents, but he has learned a
lot about 3D modelling, which is far more interesting than the game
itself. During the holidays he also started learning css and php and
caught on very quickly.
He got a suitcase for Christmas and he has great plans for using it.
For his birthday in February he is getting a plane ticket to London
(I will mail the details soon to coordinate that with everyone in
England that he wants to visit), and we should be meeting in a few
days with the parents of a friend that he will be traveling to New
York with in the summer, so we can book their flights.
Since it is also likely that his class will be going to South Africa
in the fall through an exchange program, I need to get to work, so
that we can finance all these travel plans.

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  1. smiley one :) sagt:

    Wow a suitcase at 14!! Your mom and dad must be quite anxious for you to get on your way 🙂 Even your mom didn’t get a suitcase until she was 18…I think all teenagers should get suitcases! (And some should get one-way tickets to anywhere where their parents are not…)

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